About Kind Farms

How We Started

Kind Farms was only a dream in 2015. A dream that with hard work turned into reality. The founders Tim & Lacie met almost ten years ago. Over the years, Tim has had five knee surgeries and has struggled with pain almost everyday since he was 19 years old. Lacie was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 18. She struggled with different medicines, side effects, and lack of results and nothing seemed to be working. The next day they stumbled upon the Sanjay Gupta special about kids with epilepsy and the use of cbd. They started researching and had color coded calendars for different products and rated their success. Once they found something with great results, the next time, it didn’t work. There was no regulation for consistency. They then became advocates for cannabis and regulations.

Tim has always been drawn to plants and farming since he comes from a long line of farmers. When Gov Brown signed the MMRSA bill in Sep of 2015 Tim jumped in and never looked back. He found his calling, his passion for farming medicine.

What We've Done

We have spent the last few years building a foundation for our business in this region. We can honestly say we are proud of how hard we have worked over the last three years.

Where We Are

We cultivate in the native living soil in our outdoor area and have a state of the art, fully automated, mixed light cultivation and processing facility. The facility boasts a mobile table system so we are harvesting every third day and production never stops. We're most proud of our water recycling system, we recycle everything which eliminates 95% of the normal water consumption for a facility this size. Our Greenhouse has positive pressure to keep pests out, locker rooms, vestibules and laundry to keep the facility clean.