Kind Farms

About The Farm

The owners live on the farm in the original 1933 beautiful home, built at the time by the region’s premiere custom homebuilder in the early 1930’s. Originally, the property was a 20 acre dairy farm. Located right outside of Winters, CA.

We raise our own pigs, chickens and turkeys for organic consumption. We hand pick our fruit straight from the trees and plant every type of vegetable that is in season. We do our best to live off the land and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our canna waste is fed to our livestock to keep the farm cycle full circle instead of driving our waste to landfills like other farms.

The Kind Farms

Our Grow Facility

50,000 sq. ft. mixed light climate controlled facility and 15,000 sq. ft. for processing and distribution. We also have our outdoor cultivation in our native class one living soil.