At Kind Farms, the environment is a priority, and it shows by how we cultivate our premium flowers.


Our outdoor growing process starts with Yolo County’s native Class one living soil. To limit groundwater consumption Kind Farms lay raised mulch beds that retain moisture. In return, we irrigate once a week instead of once a day. Instead of driving cannabis waste to the landfill, we feed it to our livestock that live on site.


Indoor/Mixed Light

Our mobile table system allows us to harvest every three days to assure the freshest product. We are similar to an indoor facility in terms of control over our growing environment. Our difference is, we only turn on our artificial lights when we aren't achieving our target DLI's (daily light interval). We've invested heavily in preventative measures because we can't use pesticides. Our workforce of beneficial insects helps keep your cannabis free from harmful pests. We recycle our irrigation using less than 10% of normal irrigation for an operation this size. We hope the our love for the environment rubs off on you!!